Infant Shows

All shows are presented by Adrian Bowden. Each show is an hour jam packed with experiments that’ll really get your Infants buzzing!

Shows are suitable for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

There are four shows to choose from; scroll down to see details.

Working Scientifically for Infants

A show packed with Science Enquiry Skills, to help infants get to grips with Working Scientifically. We look at Predicting, Observing, Testing, Measuring and Classifying.

We use all of our senses in a wide range of experiments to demonstrate the science skills. This culminates with the finale in which we ask which will give the biggest fizz explosion – cola or lemonade?

Materials for Infants

The material properties of hard, soft, strong, weak, flexible, rigid, waterproof and absorbent are explored and tested in unusual and astounding ways. We also look at ways to change materials, including cutting, twisting, folding, heating and mixing, to produce unexpected effects!

How many people can fit through a sheet of paper?  Why is it not a good idea to bring your packed lunch to school in a paper bag? Can we make a piece of tissue so strong that no one can rip it? These are just three of many questions we will be answering…

Forces for Infants

Pushes and pulls are used to produce some astounding experiments. Forces are used to slow things down, speed things up and send things higher than you can imagine!

We look at Fair Testing when we try and make things whizz across the entire length of the hall. We show how air can be a really powerful pushing force and how magnets can produce a powerful pulling force.

This show is great for getting Forces vocabulary and concepts building blocks in place for Infants, giving them a head start for later learning.

Light & Sound for Infants

How are shadows made and can one object have two shadows? Do all materials make shadows or can some let the light pass through? We also look at astounding ways to mix and separate colours. Plus, we create our very own rainbow on the ceiling!

In the sound section, we use different everyday items to create some amazing sounds. We see how to make sounds louder, quieter, higher or lower. We hear how our voices can be transformed into a high, squeaky mouse or a large, low elephant!