It is to be hoped that things will return to normal and schools will not be using bubbles in autumn 2021 and spring, summer 2022. However, this is a fluid situation and so the Travelling Science Shows can be delivered either in a bubble setting, or in a normal one.

Below are the normal pricing and audience sizing. Please scroll down for what can be done if bubbles return. Please note that the Travelling Science Shows have been successfully delivered in schools in bubbles all the way through last summer term (April to July 2021) and a full risk assessment is available (see heading at top of this page).

Audience size and pricing during normal times (no bubbles)

Junior Show (KS2): A performance lasts one hour. Maximum audience size is four classes or up to 140 pupils

Infant Show (KS1 and Reception): A performance lasts one hour. Maximum audience size is three classes or up to 90 pupils.

Show Prices

September: Junior £138, Infant £118

October: Junior £148, Infant £128

November: Junior £148, Infant £128

December: Junior £138, Infant £118

January: Junior £158, Infant £138

February: Junior £158, Infant £138

March & April: Junior £168, Infant £148

May, June & July: Junior £148, Infant £128

Show Combinations

On a single day you can have any of the following combinations:

  • Any Infant Show with any Junior Show
  • Any two Junior Shows OR any two Infant Shows
  • A single Junior Show or a single Infant Show

COVID-19 Audience Size and Pricing (bubbles in place)

Adrian can adapt the audience size to fit in with your class bubbles or phases. This may mean more shows in a day, at no extra cost. The shows are shorter, so that more can be fitted into the day.

The shows are usually for two bubbles socially distanced within the hall. Get in touch with Adrian through the Contacts page and discuss your requirements.

Here’s an example:  a KS2 show would normally be four classes. Instead, this could be split into two shows, each for two classes. The two classes involved could be socially distanced from each other within the hall. There would be    no extra cost for this arrangement.

Single form entry schools

If you would like everyone to see a show during the day here is a possible model. Normally this would just require two shows:  A KS2 show and a KS1 show. To facilitate bubbles, this could be changed to a KS2 show for Y5 & Y6 and a KS2 show for Y3 & Y4. Then a separate show for Y1 & Y2 (and possibly Reception as well, depending on bubble size). Three shows – but for the price of two (please note that the shows will be shorter to fit them into the school day). This has worked well during April-July 2021 when schools were under bubble restrictions.

Double form entry schools

In normal times each show would be four classes at most (for example Y3 and Y4). This could easily be split into two shows, one for each year group (one for Y3 and another for Y4). Again this would incur no extra cost. Two shows – but for the price of one (please note that the shows will be shorter to fit them into the school day). This has worked well during April-July 2021 when schools were under bubble restrictions.

We survey all the schools we visit, and 100% of them agree that the shows offer great value for money! 

Here’s some recent written comments from our feedback forms:

“Lots packed in to the hour and a great price” St Anne’s Primary, Royton

“Worth every penny!” Heaton Park Primary, Whitefield, Manchester

“In the past we have tried other providers, but the quality of Adrian’s shows is simply incomparable. We will definitely be booking him again” Buckstones Primary, Oldham

“Definitely worth the price. Gave us lots of ideas we can try in the classroom and the children can do at home” Garstang Primary, Lancashire

“Great value for money and very inspiring for all!” Christ Church CE Primary , Ainsworth, Bury

“Excellent value for money, we would thoroughly recommend the shows” English Martyrs Primary, Haydock

“Definitely worth the money. Kept us hooked throughout” Mills Hill Primary, Oldham

“Excellent value. Every child that saw the shows benefitted” Christ Church Primary, Chadderton

“Well worth the money” Whittlefield Primary, Burnley

“Great value for money. All staff enjoyed the shows too” All Saints Primary, Golborne

The Travelling Science Shows is based in Lancashire and covers the main counties of Lancashire, Greater Manchester,  Merseyside and Cheshire.

If you have any queries on prices or audience size, just get in touch on the contact page. We’re very friendly and more than happy to chat with you about any aspect of the shows.