Junior Shows

All shows are presented by Adrian Bowden.  Each one is an action packed, fun and educational hour.

There’s lots of audience participation throughout, with pupils coming up to help with experiments. Plus there’s always extra time at the end of the show for pupil questions.

There are four Junior shows to choose from; scroll down to see details.

Light and Sound

How does light travel from its source to the eye, and why can’t we see beams of light as they move through the air? We look at how light can go through some materials, but not others, explaining transparent, opaque and translucent with the help of experiments and a quiz.  How to change the size of hand shadows is dramatically demonstrated.

The sound section shows fun ways in which vibrations are made. We examine if sound can travel through different solid materials. Is it possible for a whisper to travel across the whole hall? With the help of giant straws, we demonstrate that pitch can be easily understood, plus Adrian plays two different size recorders at once!


Everything you ever wanted to know about electricity! We start with static electricity and demonstrate some amazing experiments the pupils can carry out at home. A particular focus on cells, bulbs, buzzers, switches and whole circuits really helps to boost pupils confidence and banish misconceptions. 

We also ask which materials are conductors and insulators, with surprising results. We demonstrate how a power station generates electricity through our dramatic re-enactment. Plus a look at some of the most shocking moments of electrical history!


Fantastic Forces

How did Isaac Newton come up with his ideas on gravity? We show why an apple falls down and how the moon stays in orbit. We look at Galileo’s experiments on gravity and air resistance and recreate what could have been the first ever Fair Test.  Frictional forces are demonstrated in a variety of ways.

Magnets are explored using the key vocabulary of North, South, attract and repel. Then we turn to identifying exactly which materials are magnetic and come up with a fun way of testing them.

We also look at the tricky forces that operate in water, culminating with a floating and sinking experimental quiz using fruit and vegetables that will get all the children’s brains buzzing! Finally, we finish with some astounding forces tricks which the children can try for themselves at home.

Marvellous Materials

Fun experiments to show what makes something a solid, liquid or gas. What liquid never mixes with water? Which solids dissolve and which don’t, and can we use this information to separate mixtures? How do gases move and how much room do they take up?

Reversible and irreversible changes are dramatically demonstrated using demonstrations of melting and burning. Finally we ask if a self-inflating pillow is really such a good idea, and Adrian reveals his mystery materials super power!