Making Science Knowledge Stick CPD

The latest KS2 National Science Sampling Test revealed that only 21% of Year 6 pupils were meeting the required standards in Science.

Ofsted has defined learning as a “permanent change to long-term memory”.

Studies show that new learning is quickly forgotten, unless you revisit it.

Available as a twilight or half day session

Delivered in your school for all your staff

Session Cost: £250

Help ensure your pupils retain the scientific knowledge they have acquired.

Enable them to make progress (know more, remember more) in Science.

The session covers:

Understanding why children forget

Evidence-based strategies to boost recall

A range of fun, fast activities and games suitable for children right across the curriculum

Quizzes and Science Knowledge Organizers for every KS1 and KS2 Science unit

An electronic copy of all the activities, games, quizzes and Science Knowledge Organizers will be given to you at the end of the session, so that you can add all the content to your Science learning area on your school computer drive.